About us

NeoSolutions is young dynamic forwarding and logistic company from Czech Republic. Our services originate from rich experience of our specialists, wide network of partners and modern technologies knowledge. Thanks to those features we can offer convenient and real solutions for all needs of our customers in transport, forwarding and logistics.

We build our success on following priorities:

We serve customers.  We focus all our effort to serve perfectly all our customers. Our company is not limited by it´s own structure. Therefore our Solutions are always accomodated  individually according to our customer´s needs.

We build and maintain stable portfolio.  Our relationships with customers as well as partners are not just formal ones but always sincere and friendly.  We base them on mutual confidence and respect with perspective of long-lasting mutually benefitial cooperation.

Always with innovative solutions. We create and perform our Solutions for customers based on quality, reliability and newest trends known in our industry.  Success of our services is measured and evaluated for  their continuous improvement and development.

We stay connected any time. Our company prides on accessability and flexible, quick communication, which is so important factor for customer´s decision making. That´s why we never limit ourselves by working hours, weekdays or national holidays.